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Nov 3, 2013 10:00am EST
nsa surveillance programs, and whether or not they comply with current privacy laws. coming up next on c-span, newsmakers with agricultural secretary tom vill sack -- vilsack. >> tom vilsack joins us. two reporters to help us with them from we have bloomberg years -- news. >> this week the house senate farm bill to go shooters held their first session. house -- let me what backup a little bit, the treasury secretary said it was important to have a farm bill. is the white house going to negotiations,he to help settle that issue? the senator has repeatedly said he wants the house to help solve that issue. >> is important to not focus on numbers, which in washington dc, we focus on and try to figure out what is the right number, i think that is the wrong question. i think the right question is what is the right policy? theusda will be engaged to extent that the committees need us to be engaged to try and make sure that the policy is right. there's obviously some concern on the part of some about the and requirements in snap whether they need to be more stringent or more strict. i think
Nov 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
we lready have a provision in the law that requires full to work or go to school if they are eceiving snap. if they fail to that -- fail to do that, and they have able bodied dependence, they will be suspended. you cannot say is to someone find a job when unemployment rates are high. or if they are in a county that just announced a thousand layoffs. both the senate and the house have looked at the assistance program, and there may be ways of looking that -- making sure that that program is run efficiently. that policy is really not about the numbers. one policy that has not been discussed, but needs to be discussed in this context is that we provide you between -- somewhere around $400 million per year. we need to establish a process where your state knows where the jobs are, and better communicate with your human services department that knows who the snap and fisheries are that are capable of working. we are making -- giving you millions of dollars to make sure that it is easier to find the job to reduce the need for snap work or perhaps a limited. -- eliminate it. there is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2